What Is The Block Method Approach For Class 6

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At the first lesson definitions of a circle, the center, radius, a chord of a circle, diameter are entered. These concepts are already familiar for pupils. It is advisable to consider at the same lesson the elementary instructions for creation of : carrying out circles, straight lines, a point choice from a. After consideration of the elementary instructions it is necessary to pass to consideration of the elementary algorithms.

to write down the name of algorithm, the indication of its parameters and their types in the form of algorithm heading before its first instruction. As an example of heading of algorithm we will bring for algorithm 1:

Along with the designations stated above, considering elements of construction, together with introduction of new instructions we will use new designations, and also the mathematical designations clear to school students.

When carrying out these occupations it is expedient to consider algorithm of construction direct, parallel this point, algorithm of creation of the straight line concerning the and passing through this point given and passing ­, and other algorithms of type, the address to which can be further as elementary instructions.

Conveniently, specifying arguments and results of algorithm (), at the same time to specify their type: — rational ­, it is whole — an integer, — a straight line, — a half-line, t — a, ROC — a circle, — a triangle, — a corner, — a etc.

When developing algorithm of creation of a straight line parallel to this straight line and and passing through this point And, we the appeal to algorithm 5 (creation of a straight line, through this point, perpendicular to this straight line).

Algorithmic style of thinking is characteristic feature of science of informatics. It is shown not only as a method of the solution of a task, but also as sequence of methods of preparation of a task for its decision on the COMPUTER. This sequence can also be as a peculiar algorithm. Separate steps of this algorithm are stages of the solution of a task.

In the given algorithm the instruction 6 means: to designate a point of intersection of circles 02 and the 03rd name D. As from points of intersection of circles 02 and 03 A point is, the point of D can be constructed unambiguously. The instruction 7 : to construct semidirect d from the beginning in a point And and passing through a point of D.

At implementation of the instruction 8 accessory of a point of C1 of half-plane of  is checked If the point of C1 belongs to half-plane l1, at an angle About we will understand B1, O, S1 with top in a point About and the beams passing through points of B1 and C If the point of C1 does not belong to half-plane of 1, at an angle About we will understand B1, O, S2 with top in a point About and the parties, through points of B1 and C

To designate names A and B the corresponding points of a of a straight line and with O1 circle: { And, In } =∩ to Designate the name 1 half-plane with border, a straight line or semidirect a1, and the containing point And out of border: 1= (a1.

We will place a name of algorithm in the first line of heading after a syntactic word — the Name of algorithm 1 consists of three letters — the bargaining. After an algorithm name types of parameters of algorithm are specified in brackets. Parameters of one type are divided. Various types of parameters are divided by a semicolon. In the second line after a syntactic word through a comma arguments of algorithm are listed, in the third line after the word a cut results of algorithm are listed.

One of the most important problems of a course of informatics — to acquaint pupils with the main scopes of the COMPUTER, to create ideas of computer facilities as means of increase of efficiency of activity of the person. Of course, this task has to penetrate all maintenance of a course, each lesson of this subject. However at absence at school of offices of equipment the special role belongs to excursion in the center here.

Let's consider other form of record of the appeal to algorithm. is higher the instruction for creation of a triangle on three set parties the bargaining (2, 3, 4, ∆) it is possible to write down as follows: ∆ = (2, 3. We will call indications of such look the instructions having a function form.