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Etiology: The main etiologichesky factors was violation of temperature condition at cultivation, violation of conditions of feeding of chickens during the post-embryonic period against a congenital metabolic disorder: poor quality of compound feeds, premature introduction to a diet of animal forages, etc.

In the conditions of formation of market economy the future of production and commercial veterinary services behind marketing and management. Marketing of veterinary business is considered as a certain system of managing in the conditions of market economy which includes modern forms of the solution of production and market problems and scientific methods of the organization of management of veterinary activity, i.e. management. Marketing will help to form optimum production programs of veterinary activity, quickly to react to the developing situations in the market of veterinary services, to choose and make the most rational decisions, coordinated to concrete situations and economic conditions of this region.

The purpose of my work is calculation of economic efficiency and justification of prospects of use of a phytopreparation for regulation of processes of a metabolism and decrease in level of dispepsichesky frustration of young growth of a bird in the conditions of Sverdlovskaya poultry farm.

The plans of veterinary actions made in economy rather concrete, have quantitative expression, calendar terms of performance, indicators of the monetary expenses necessary on their practical implementation. They are correlated to personnel, material and financial opportunities, developed taking into account an antiepizootic situation in economy. In my opinion, planning of the veterinary actions which are carried out in economy corresponds to working conditions and fully promotes increase of profitability and production efficiency.

Completing of uterine herd is carried out by delivery of chickens of cross-country "Lomann white LSL" from Lomann Tirtsukht firm (Germany). On 0099 on Sverdlovskaya poultry farm the livestock of a bird made 1792574 goal., including laying hens 1212524 goal. and 580000 heads of young growth.

Note: chickens at the age of 1-5 days a preparation were given with water at the rate of 50 mg/kg of a forage. Further the additive was mixed with sterns in feed-preparation houses, previously dissolving in 10-fold volume in odes with a temperature of 50-60C, at the rate of 30 mg/kg of a forage. 4 courses were conducted: 1 - 5dney, the subsequent on 7dney with intervals of 10 days. Researches were conducted by me in December at a position - the acting as the veterinarian of shop of cultivation and an incubation.

Definition: Dyspepsia of young growth (dyspepsia subolis) - is characterized by deep functional deviations of activity of a digestive tract therefore processes of digestion and absorption of nutrients of a forage are broken, and shown by violation of digestion, a metabolism, the progressing iskhudaniye and a breakdown. The young growth of a bird aged to 3-4nedel is ill.