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Development and distribution of the generalized beliefs. The members of a social community making collective actions surely share idea or belief which is identified with an alarm source, an attractive and inaccessible cultural sample or value, with way of avoidance of unpleasant consequences or, on the contrary, with opportunities of achievement of a source of satisfaction of aspirations.

Manners and fashion. Manners we will call simple according to the contents, short-lived variations and features of the speech, clothes, a situation or behavior of people. Manners usually do not extend on big groups of people, very often they characterize behavior of the individual.

Modern mass society is characterized by high compactness of accommodation of the population, high urban saturation. Density of individuals in limited physical space inevitably generates such negative phenomena as aggression, a conflictness, a surplus of inconsistent information that destroys the existing social order and negatively influences process of formation of the personality.

The concept public opinion is used in two meanings: the opinion supported by real number of people, representatives of a certain social group and subculture in this society; the dominating opinion among all representatives of the public.

Emergence of interest in a certain subject or the phenomenon at the level of small aggregations. As the mass consciousness by the nature carries individual, but not group character, the phenomenon of coincidence of interests at certain members of mass society has to take place.

Structural participation. The financial panic, madness of fashion are impossible in primitive, traditional society. The urbanized society in much bigger degree generates phenomena of collective behavior, than country people, owing to lack of social roots, anonymity, a large number of temporary inhabitants, high mobility.

Democratic societies possess branched system of mass media, many of which support the alternative points of view. Thanks to it the public is almost instantly informed literally on all events occurring in society. Thus at most of members of society the steady position of rather these events and the decisions made by the power is formed.

Therefore, speaking about mass society, we will mean the extremely inconsistent social phenomenon characterized by some peculiar features of behavior which we will call in total mass behavior concerning members of this society.

Representatives of the public can not gather as participants of crowd, but each representative of the public can support communicative communications only with part of other representatives of the public. The public keeps internal communications only thanks to mass media. For this reason control of mass media most often means the power over public opinion.

Mobilization for commission of collective actions. Desires, aspirations and understanding of a situation by many members socially can not give to a community effect of collective behavior if installations and orientations are not directed on a certain object.