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The mineral raw materials necessary for providing the defensive industry and smooth functioning of its source of raw materials, sometimes call strategic. Among the imported materials the important place is taken by chrome, tin, zinc, tungsten, yttrium, manganese, platinum and platinoids, and also bauxites.

More than one hundred nonflammable minerals are extracted from zeiny bark now. Use of a mineral resource includes some stages. The first – detection of rather rich field, the second – extraction of a mineral by the organization of some form of its production, the third – ore processing, removal of impurity and its transformation into the necessary chemical form, and the last – use of a mineral for production of various products.

The most important raw materials for receiving copper are chalcopyrite and bornite (sulfides of copper and glands, chalcosine (copper sulfide), and also native copper. The oxidized copper ores consist first of all of malachite (a copper carbonate). The extracted copper ore often is dressed on a place, then the ore concentrate goes to copper-smelting plant and further – to refinement for receiving pure red copper. The cheapest and widespread way of processing of many copper ores – hydrometallurgical.