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Conclusions – how to outline the The philosophy for schools speaking test

It is well-known that in the course of evolution of the person of change of functions of an organism concerned to a greater or lesser extent all systems of the person. The most considerable changes were undergone by mentality of the person and processes of its impact on regulators of vital signs of an organism. Scientific and technical progress in process of evolution of the person constantly increased the volume of necessary information, that is load of reason, at the same time obligatory physical activity decreased. It led to violation of system of balance which developed in a human body.

As both groups study one and a touch a profession, a number of hours and a form of the organization of a lesson identical, as well as means. But at the group which was engaged in park in connection with specifics of a venue of occupation, density of a lesson was higher, at the expense of increase in number of repetitions of exercises, and physical activity was respectively higher. And at the group which was engaged in a hall usual lessons of physical training were conducted.