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Resource providing and production potential of agrarian sector in many respects define results of production and an economic condition of producers of agricultural production. As a result of liberalization and disparity of the prices, insolvency of agrarian sector the production potential of agriculture collapses, there is a transition to primitive technologies.

Still carried out transformations in the agrarian sphere are not supported by producers of agricultural production, did not become a basis of their behavior, rational spontaneous process. As a result of economic reforms the competition to import production amplifies. It worsens a state and prospects of development of agriculture. Negative consequences are most strongly shown in regions with extreme conditions.

Thus, the operating economic mechanism of reforms became the main brake of transition to the market relations directed on increase of competitiveness and development of agro-industrial production.

Development and realization of system of measures for development and improvement of methods of carrying out an agrarian reform both on regional, and at the federal level is necessary for the solution of all complex of the collected economic and social problems.

The main reason for increase of specific weight of personal subsidiary and country farms in production of agricultural production - sharp falling of production in the agricultural enterprises. Reserves of increasing production of production of agriculture due to development of personal subsidiary and country farms in a modern economic situation are almost settled.

The unequal relations of agriculture developed not only with the branches delivering resources but also with the enterprises of processing industry and trade. They detain calculations with producers of agricultural production, increase the share in the final price and redistribute thus the income. The Selskokhozyaystveny enterprises are compelled to organize processing of production and independently to realize it. As a result raw zones, capacities of the overworking enterprises collapse will be underused, costs of unit of the processed production grow. Rural producers spend the most scarce resource - investments - for creation of parallel structures.

The carried-out analysis shows that during the entire period of reform the applied methods of macroeconomic regulation steadily promoted expansion and preservation of crisis of economy as only in the conditions of crisis possibility of redistribution of property at the minimum expenses from new owners is created.

At the same time this branch is put in the most severe economic conditions. Because of the qualities the most part of milk is realized through the overworking enterprises, and growth of purchase prices was minimum. With reduction of the income of the population demand for dairy products that contains growth of purchase and retail prices was reduced.

At the same time formation of labor market was provided with reduction in production, release of considerable part of the busy. Unemployment became universal and chronic. Creation of the markets of the capital was provided with compulsory reorganization of the agricultural enterprises, incorporating and voucher privatization with the subsequent redistribution of actions.

The carried-out reorganization and the created economic environment was directed on destruction of a social production, but not on efficiency increase. When carrying out collectivization passed withdrawal of the earth and property at peasants, at modern reform confiscation at collectives and in general at society is carried out.

In regions with less favorable conditions in the farms provided with own sterns, having indicators of efficiency is higher than the averages which are overworking and independently realizing dairy products, production of milk will become profitable. As a result in all regions there will be farms interested in increase in production as there will be a possibility of receiving profit. Producers will be under such circumstances interested in growth of efficiency and decrease in expenses.